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• Common Core Aligned
• Lesson Plans
• Music Videos
• Writing Prompts
• Animation
   • Cloze Activities
• Tiers I, II & III
• Data Driven
• Math Story Problems
• Game Show
   • 28+ Weeks
• Completely On-line
• 7 High Interest Themes
• Vocabulary
• Yoga/Movement
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• Down Load Posters - Games
• Science Experiments
• Customizable for each Classroom
• Builds Communication Skills
   • Great for Morning Work/Homework
• Pre-Made Parent Emails and Newsletters
• Team Building Activities and Routines
• Promotes Empathy and Problem Solving
• Downloadable APP!

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Download our free 30 page Furious Birds Unit for PK-3
that focuses on respect and anger management.

ve·rac·i·ty noun \və-ˈra-sə-tē\ : truth or accuracy

83 percent of girls, and 79 percent of boys report being bullied either in school or online. 75 percent of school shootings have been linked to harassment and bullying against the shooter.

What is Character Education?

So what makes “Veracity Matters” different?

Veracity Matters uses high interest themes like superheroes and pirates with a combination of music, animation, interactive lessons and team building activities that focus on empathy, problem solving, and communication skills - skills that colleges and employers are looking for.

This proactive approach enables parents and teachers to spend less time on discipline and more time building positive relationships. These lessons are carefully crafted to build trust and confidence and give kids practical strategies for dealing with stress, anger, and depression.

Each theme comes with a mix of activities, videos, and lessons that teachers customize to fit the needs of their children.



Basic Programs Veracity Matters Program A Program B
Completely Web-Based X    
Animation X    
Science Experiments X    
Game Show Segments X    
Stories/Activities X X X
Yoga X    
One-minute workouts (Brain breaks) X    
Character Traits Lessons X X X
Printable Craft/Art Activities X    
Games X X  
Music Videos Online: New every month Audio CD Answer CD for book
Cloze Activities/Primary Source Documents X    
Commercial Spoofs X    
Parent Newsletter/Emails X X X
Book Lists X X X
Posters X X  
Online training   X X
2 Puppets   X  
Video New Every Month 1 DVD  
Board Games/Puzzles Online Version Available to Print 1 set of Brain Builder Cards  
Power Points X    
Math Story Problems X    
Common Core Aligned X    
Quote of the Week X    
Cost $33.30/Teacher $359/Teacher $119/Teacher
Comparison 30 Teachers
(Average School 450 Students)
$999 $10,770 $3507


Veracity Matters Customer Testimonial "I feel Veracity Matters will really benefit children with autism. My son has Aspergers. I bet this (program) could have helped when he was younger. I can really see this being utilized in special education."
Chad Baldwin / Ilion, NY (Parent)
Veracity Matters Customer Testimonial "As an administrator it is important to me to create a positive school climate. Veracity Matters will enable us to provide fun, thematic tier I interventions with videos, music, and animation that can be utilized by both teachers and parents. Additionally, the menu of lessons, stories and activities will allow classroom teachers and counselors to customize tier II and tier III interventions to best meet the needs of their students."
Kari Kephart / Cambridge, MD (Assistant Principal)
Veracity Matters Customer Testimonial "Incorporating Character Education into the curriculum is a fantastic idea. As teachers, we get so caught up in teaching the standards & getting students to pass 'the test' & we neglect to take advantage of those teachable moments that deal with respect, sharing, responsibility, & empathy. Kids are being pushed as early as kindergarten to learn algebra so those skills like taking turns & the golden rule get tossed away. Kudos Veracity Matters for taking the time to spotlight an aspect of education that shouldn't be ignored-ever."
Tanya Bush / Manchester, TN (Teacher)
Veracity Matters Customer Testimonial "As the mother of twin 8 year old boys, it is important for me that Veracity Matters offers weekly emails so I will know what character traits are being taught. I can use the tips and activities to help reinforce and talk to them about it at home."
Veronica Reinbold / Cambridge, MD (Parent)
Veracity Matters Customer Testimonial "Character Education is imperative in the lives of these children. As teachers it is not only our responsibility to teach these children academics, but also life skills to help them be successful in life. Veracity Matters provides fantastic resources right at the teachers' fingertips to help make teaching character education a part of the everyday routine!"
Alexis Absher / Salisbury, Maryland (Teacher)


Our future generations need your help. Meet the founders!

Bobbi Jo Callis is the creator and founder of Veracity Matters. She has 20 years teaching experience and is currently an elementary reading intervention teacher at a Title I school. As a member of the PBIS-Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports team, she works to implement strategies to help students become college and career ready. She holds a Bachelors of Science from Slippery Rock University of PA and a Master’s Degree in Reading and Literacy from Walden University. Veracity Matters Founder Bobbi Callis
Diane Grant is the program Managing Editor and Contributor at Veracity Matters. She has 38 years teaching experience teaching first grade, basic skills for grades K-3 and as a reading specialist, been a Reading Recovery teacher. She is Gesell trained as an early childhood examiner. After retiring 5 years ago, she worked as a supervisor of intern teachers at Salisbury University, MD and currently substitutes on a daily basis. She has served on PTA boards, and been the public relations coordinator for the teacher’s association. She holds a BA and Master’s Degree with Reading Specialist certification from Georgian Court University, NJ. Veracity Matters Founder Diane Grant
Erick Ramos is the film and media consultant at Veracity Matters. He has worked in this role for Socially Dvoted and is currently Executive Producer of Stark Elements, SE. He has worked for a Concrete Products Manufacturer, Automated Control Concepts, LLC and D3Corp as a designer and company technological developer where he managed all social media, created and designed websites, social blogs, designed logos and business cards, and developed applications. He has worked on numerous film projects, in charge of writing, filming, producing, & editing. He has had the opportunity to do coverage of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, the Prime-time Emmys, and the Academy Awards. Filmmaker Erick Ramos
Kari Kephart is assistant principal of a Title I school in Dorchester County, MD for the past three years. Her eleven years in education have included experiences at the elementary level and in both Title I and Title II schools. As an administrator in a Title I school, she is highly involved with PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) and SEFEL (Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning). Her experiences with promoting positive student behaviors have revealed a need for a character education program that provides teachers with readily available materials to promote empathy through fun, interactive lessons which foster problem solving and communication skills. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Mount St. Mary’s University in 2003 and a Masters of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Salisbury University in 2011. She is currently enrolled in the Educational Leadership Doctorate Program at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore which should be completed during the school year of 2014-15. Teacher Kari Kephart


This proactive program consists of 15-20 minute weekly lessons to develop character traits in elementary and middle school children. We use team building, problem solving, and empathy to give students the skills they need to be college and career ready.


Why should I spend money on another character education program?

Veracity Matters is not a character education program in a box. We offer adifferent approach that not only teaches character traits but gives students practice with communications skills and problem solving skills. Veracity Matters understand that a strong home school connection is vital to any schools success. Do your parents really use information in their child’s agenda to reinforce character at home? Or worse yet do your parents even know what character trait your child is learning about? If you already have a program that works for you great! Use veracity Matters as supplement to sneak in extra learning throughout the week.

Is the program research based?

Veracity Matters is research based and filled with best practices, team building activities, and problem solving activities. The very things that teachers and administrators know are crucial to effective instruction. Although we are in our pilot year our plans are carefully crafted by actual classroom teachers, not someone sitting in an office somewhere who has NO practical classroom experience. We have been featured on Yahoo Finance, Fox News in New Orleans, WDMT TV channel 47 in Maryland and on America Web Radio to name just a few. We were also featured at this year’s American School Councilors Association conference in Orlando, Florida. Check out our ad in their magazine.

This program sounds great, but how much does it cost?

Our Valedictorian Subscription is a bargain at only $999. For an average size school of 30 teachers it works out to be less than $33.30 per educator. If you break that down over the 28 week program it is $1.19 per week. Where else can you get video clips, game show reviews, 28 lesson plans, posters, family night packets, 28 customizable parent emails/newsletters, crafts, and tons of stories for less than a cup of coffee every week? Plus every student/parent receives a free student Veracity Matters subscription!

I love the program but we have limited funding available. How can I still get the program?

The following are few ideas for funding our program.

  • 1. Title I funds– We are researched based and provide a positive way to involve parents.
  • 2. PTA – Is your parent organization looking for a way to show teachers how much they appreciate them and give every student in the school a subscription to Veracity Matters at the same time? It is a WIN-WIN for everyone! We will even customize a banner thanking them for their support!
  • 3. Pencils and Stickers and Bookmarks, Oh My! Rewards are a wonderful way to motivate students for good behavior, but Veracity Matters has an even better way. Quick crafts like snow-cones for our amusement park theme, swirly origami flying birds for our “Furious” Bird theme, and message in a bottle for our Beach theme give students fun, low or no cost rewards they can take home. I guarantee our swirly birds won’t end up in the trash! So take some money out of your reward budget and give everyone a treat.
  • 4. Ask local business and churches to contribute to this great cause. What business does not want a future work force with great team work, problem solving skills, and the ability communicate effectively? Here is their chance to help.
  • 5. Fund it yourself! We all know principals make the big bucks. Okay, well maybe not but it was worth a try.

Who is the program for?

Our program is geared for grade Pre-K – 8th grade.


Are the lessons Common Core Aligned?

Yes, all units come with common core standards they address. Most of our lessons include many of the speaking and listening standards. As we become a world more dependent on technology we are losing a lot of these skills. Veracity Matters gives students an opportunity to be speak and be heard. Additionally, we have short 5-10 minutes lessons to reinforce the character trait for most content areas.

I do not have time to do one more thing! How can I fit this?

Veracity matters has a menu of activities for you to choose from. Use the stories, primary source documents, math problems, song lyrics, and writing activities as morning work, homework, or give students extra time on Veracity Matters web site as a reward. Everything is easily accessible with just a click of the mouse. Be Green! Print only what you want to use! No boxes to store.

I do not want to learn another program. Do I have to spend a lot time writing and preparing lessons?

No, as a teacher for the last 20 years I KNOW the last thing you want is more work. Our lessons are designed to be able to differentiate and choose what lessons you make sense for your students. Veracity Matters was never meant to be done in its entirety. We give you the flexibility to use what meets the needs of your students and you classroom. Our lessons come written and ready to go with minimal prep time using items you would find in any classroom.

I have to bring my test scores up. I can’t waste my instructional time on character education?

Veracity Matters does take about 20 minutes a week to complete a lesson, however practicing communication and problem solving skills will be anything but a waste of time. Additionally, there is a menu of activities for you to choose from. Use the stories, primary source documents, math problems, song lyrics, and writing activities as morning work, homework, or give students extra time on Veracity Matters web site as a reward.

My school is not ordering the program this year. Is there a way I can still get it for my classroom?

Absolutely, a classroom subscription is just $39.99. That is less than $1.50 per week. I promise you, you won’t find a better character education program for the money!

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